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The importance of ERP

ERP programs seeking to streamline and integrate processes within an organization, especially among the three elements: production, finance and human resources. In other words, the ERP systems seeking to Merge all data and processes of the organization into a conjoined system. Most organizations have realized all over the world that in the rapidly changing business […]

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Why Apple prefers to use SAP ERP rather than Oracle ERP

 Enterprise Resource Planning, which is commonly referred to as ERP is a necessity in big business organizations worldwide. Both internal and external business information is integrated in this system hence leading to an increased flow of data. Ultimately, the decisions made are data-driven. Benefits of using an ERP cannot be underestimated, some of the major […]

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About Us

Enterprise Resource Planning is highly adopted by businesses in order to manage their processes in a better way by making use of available software and technologies. Big Data analytics when integrated with ERP have proven their stand in helping the businesses with their accurate planning, marketing, sales, manufacturing, inventory management and thereby, maximizing their profits. […]

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