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The importance of ERP

ERP programs seeking to streamline and integrate processes within an organization, especially among the three elements: production, finance and human resources. In other words, the ERP systems seeking to Merge all data and processes of the organization into a conjoined system.

Most organizations have realized all over the world that in the rapidly changing business environment, it is impossible to create and maintain a set of programs designed according to the demand which will meet all their requirements regularly. To achieve these requirements, the organizations and companies working on the design.

Despite the onset of ERP programs were limited to industrial environments, the ERP software now cover all the core business of the organization (process/functions), regardless of the work of the organization or the Charter.

The typical ERP software includes both: manufacturing, supply chain, finance, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, warehouse management and decision support system.There are many types of ERP programs that serve different segments of the types of companies, and these solutions achieve many of the benefits depending on the type of business they serve, such as finance, telecommunications, education, health care.

, The importance of ERP for companies:

The ERP programs are given an active role in getting rid of the time-consuming activities such as paper management. Where the company will be able to study their operations, profits, and performance through the integration of operational information with financial information.For that, the company can become more competitive and productive. The synergy is an important part of the ERP solution. The concept of combining multiple processes at each one, allow the company to become successful in the long term

In addition to finance and business operations, it is also important to look at the maintenance materials. ERP Programs allows the company to automate the process of purchasing materials and preserved successfully planning. A set of modules that allow trackers materials that are purchased and can also be done Accounts about how it should be distributed through these materials.

Where the company can become predicts the size of demand in the market, depending on date or economic statistics, or depending on the data collected from its employees.

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