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Why Apple prefers to use SAP ERP rather than Oracle ERP

 Enterprise Resource Planning, which is commonly referred to as ERP is a necessity in big business organizations worldwide. Both internal and external business information is integrated in this system hence leading to an increased flow of data. Ultimately, the decisions made are data-driven.

Benefits of using an ERP cannot be underestimated, some of the major benefits include enhancing productivity, helping businesses achieve their goals, improving customer services, eliminating costs and inefficiencies among others. There are very many ERP software systems that are available for use by business organizations.

Apple, a very big technology company in America also uses ERP. It prefers to use SAP ERP instead of Oracle ERP. This article will try to find out what’s the reason behind that.

First, reliable support system. SAP as compared to Oracle has a large number of consultants and developers across the entire world. These kind of reliability makes Apple prefer its service to that of Oracle .

Secondly, the kind of brand. Due to its long stay in the market, many big companies have SAP more than Oracle. Many organizations almost consider it as the only. Others use it to enhance reputation and also to add value. Apple as one of the companies also appreciates it to enhance its already big reputation.

Thirdly, entrance into the market. SAP was introduced into the market very much earlier than Oracle. The period Oracle entered the market, SAP had already established itself and covered a lot of ground. Its team of support already knew how to take care of any upcoming challenges and also how to upgrade it.

Lastly, method of integration. SAP offers an easy way of integration which is in-built compared to Oracle. Changes made in one module can easily be reflected in the other modules. For Oracle, the integration is a bit manual rather than automatic.

With all these reasons, it’s plain to see why Apple prefers to use SAP ERP instead of Oracle ERP.

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